Tuesday, January 24, 2012

How the winter is treating us thus far

I thought I'd take a minute to quickly let anyone who is interested know how the course is fairing so far this winter. With the lack of snow and extreme cold through most of the winter to this point, the grass has had plenty of opportunity to take in the sunlight and that is a good thing, great when considering it is usually covered in snow for the past 8 weeks.

With recent snow, rain, freeze, thaw cycles we have gotten some ice build-up in the valleys of the greens. On Monday (Jan 23) Nate and I spent most of the day pushing water and snow through the low portions of the greens and opening up the fronts for drainage from the melting ice and snow. With sunlight today and temperatures above freezing predicted for Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday the remaining ice should melt off nicely and roll off the greens or be absorbed into the soil depending on the thaw.

Pictures always speak louder than words so here are a few shots from around the course yesterday.

This is a picture of #3 green. You will also notice all of the footprints that are solid ice, we have put ropes around this green to prevent this exact problem. If you come out to walk the course or go sledding please stay off of the green.

#14 green

Just a few shots, I have a feeling that things will look greatly different later in the week.

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